Embracing the Yin Season of Winter

Jan 16, 2022

Winter is a time of year when energy is reclaimed—turning inward rather than expending energy outward.

In Chinese medicine and qigong we follow the seasons. We are microcosms [human beings] of the macrocosm [Mother Nature]. That being said, we also require stillness and period of rest, which will help restore and balance our personal energies [yin and yang].

If we try to be productive all the time [yang energy] we physically can run out of energy, and cause dis-ease. Ask yourself, do I experience lack of sleep, not eating enough or over-eating? Our organs also need time to rejuvenate. No rest, means no rejuvenation, physically or emotionally. Having too much stimulation—always on the go—is good for no one.

Let go of the toxic productivity.

Winter is the season when we can relax, reset, and rebirth from our year before, and balance before the spring begins.

I invite you to sleep at least one night of the week, and get up without an alarm. Choose to go to bed early enough that you wake up in plenty of time for your needs of the day. Nourish your mental state with meditation [movement, sitting or both]. Eat nourishing foods that support winter. Listen to your intuitive-heart and move with the joy it seeks. Be spontaneous. Break patterns.

With water being the element of winter, we need to find our balance. Which is not stagnant and unable to flow with life—like murky marsh water. Or is it the raging movement of tidal waves. It’s the balance of both, again yin and yang. And everyone’s balance will be different, honor yours.

Qigong shows us how to turn our intentions inward and practice towards fluidity, like free flowing water. Letting go of resistance, the hard edges in life [right/wrong] and learn to simply be with the presence of our life as it unfolds. Knowing whatever arises, it will change, just like the seasons.

To experience moving our bodies with soft-fluidity, guiding our bodies in a stillness meditation, and learning details about the elements of water, join me in-person* for A Qigong Experience: Relax ~ Reset ~ Rebirth. A beautiful way to connect with yourself and others.

I leave you with a quote from the Tao Te Ching:

Nothing in the world
is as soft and yielding as water,
yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible,
nothing can surpass it.

*This event is being held at Vitalize Studio, where there is plenty of space to for everyone to feel comfortable.


  1. Great reminder about resetting. Thanks Toni for reminding me to embrace the season.

    • Thank you Rebecca. Let’s give winter a bear hug since we cannot control it. :~]

  2. Thank you Sifu Toni! I 100% needed to read this message, especially about resting.

    • D’Arcy thank you for letting me know, may we all embrace the productivity of resting.


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