Life pulls us in different directions, our thoughts send us in a million others.
But what if we could learn to …

come back to center
let go
and embrace

You’re Invited

I invite you to join me virtually or in-person, to see how this practice can impact your life, one breath at a time.

Rooted in body-mind practices that are thousands of years old, Qigong and Tai Chi bring together movement and breath, relaxation and focus. Today, scientific studies are proving what some cultures have known for centuries—the physiological and mental-emotional benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi can be profound.

For me … they’ve been life-changing, and in some ways, life-saving.

Chi Praise

{From practicing Tai Chi I've learned how to go with the flow, calmness, patience, and breathing.
Judy Sing
{Knowing when I am stressed that I can just take a few minutes & do a quick gather and store. Knowing that just a little practice every day will help to be more mindful & peaceful.
Bree Berrie
{I thought Qigong could help me with my anxiety disorder via meditation through movement. I’ve gained focus, balance, and alignment awareness. It provides some time to slow down and take some me time.
Fiona Bentley-Reber

Connection Through Experience


Join me in-person or virtually to participate in Qigong and Tai Chi.


Sharing my personal observations through writing.


People share their direct experience and personal discoveries.


Practice mindful movements with me when the time works for you.


Thoughts? Questions? I am here for you. Simply reach out.

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