2022 Yang Water Tiger

Feb 1, 2022

Wishing you wonderful beginnings with this new moon and the energy of the tiger.

Remembering last year’s ox energy, it was more inward, contemplative and slow. I bet you realized some things that you are done with, and where your energy is best served. Maybe it was simplifying life, and choosing to embrace the abundance all around you and within. Or, maybe you felt “locked in”.

Either way, this year, we are feeling a forward momentum—being set free—can you feel it? The energy of the tiger is:

Courageous–Is there something you thought about last year that you can take steps toward making it a reality now with this supportive energy of the tiger?

Magnetic–Be aware of what you are attracting this year. Is it serving you? Are the people in your life uplifting and supportive? Are you compassionate and kind to yourself? Notice what is being attracted to you, if you do not like it, change it. It’s that simple, we always have choice. Either responding differently, or letting things be or go.

Healthy Boundaries–The tiger is very territorial, very illusive and self-serving. You can love people from afar, they do not always need to be in your space, choose wisely. Create healthy boundaries for yourself—remember at times a no to someone else, is a yes to yourself.

Judging–Simply let this go, we are not here to judge others and their soul path. Everyone is doing the best they can even if you do not agree. Most people in our lives are here for us to learn from contrast. Otherwise, how would we know what makes us happy and brings us joy

Intuitive–Tigers are very intuitive, and with it being a water tiger, this year can be very emotional (water = emotions). Remember emotions are meant to be felt and acknowledged, not ignored or stuffed. Tune out the noise outward, and turn inward, go within. Intuitive messages are brief and subtle. Listen and be guided to take action, to cleanse to recalibrate because if we do not do it ourselves, the Universe will.

Discipline–The tiger is very disciplined, he is patient and then goes for it. Think before you leap this year, wait for the right timing. Be patient, and ask your heart if the move, job, collaboration, or relationship is for your highest well-being.

2+0+2+2 = 6–In numerology, the number six is our sixth chakra, again intuition. This year is the beginning of creating our new paradigm and navigating storms … send blessings. Know where you are going, know what you need to pack for your adventure and eliminate those things you no longer need.

Let’s be courageous and ride the wave of our life, and also have the discipline to dig deep into the still waters of awareness and intuition.


If you would like to more about your personal energy with that of the year of the tiger, please reach out to my friend, Tina who a Chinese Meta-physician and Astrologer. We are more than the animal that is our birth year [life path], we have three more pillars: our emotions, the physical self, and our DNA programming [the mind]. 



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