Sincere appreciation to the women and men who have shared so many inspiring Chi Moments with me. They have trusted me to be their Sifu, their guide, in the practice of Qigong and Tai Chi.

Here’s what they’ve shared about their experience.

Impressions of Sifu Toni

{You are an excellent teacher in many respects, but I particularly appreciate that you acknowledge the struggles that a beginner may face. You assure us that with time the movements would flow more naturally. To me this was very helpful!
Klevis Aliaj
{I can tell that you live what you teach.
RaDene Smith
{I value Toni's honesty, sincerity, 'realness', and her ability to weave humor into her insights.
Julie Jones
{I appreciate Toni’s easy-to-follow instruction and emphasis on personalizing the movements.
Kim Mangun
{I like Toni’s clear and confident voice and presentation; deep knowledge of her disciplines and related disciplines like yoga; and her willingness to try new movements and approaches.
Mike Olsson
{Toni is such a wonderful Sifu! I know she cares about me and how I am doing. She is patient with a class changing all the time – she takes it all in stride, and pushes us to be better. I was in a very dark place when I first started, and Toni has given me confidence and strength through our class.
Gina Arnold

Impressions of Practice

{As an active person, movement is an important component in my healing process. As I heal from cancer, Qigong has given me a sense of wholeness and of being comfortable in my body again.
Kirsten Peterson
{Qigong has helped me realize that it is OK to slow down and just BE (breathe and expand - thanks for teaching me this phrase!).
Bree Berrie
{I started doing yoga and really liked how it made me feel. I added Qigong after being friends with Toni and listening to her talk about it. I really like how calming it is and how it helps me deal with stressful situations in my life.
Jayne Barnett
{Toni has a wonderful teaching style. She explains things so clearly and takes us through the movements and sequences in a way that is so easy to follow and understand. She is also open to questions and explains everything in a way that encourages learning and understanding.
Pat Milazzo

Impressions of the Class

{The positive, motivational aspect of your classes has gotten me past a few road-blocks along the way, and helps me continue to feel that I’m making progress, Even on those days when I’m not feeling 100%. And, Tai Chi in the garden is the best!
Sandi Crockett
{The moment when you invite us to not overextend, to be aware of what we are feeling after practice, and seek to take that feeling at least out into the parking lot as we leave. I love the invitation to integrate this into our everyday lives. And I really love ‘where thought goes the Chi follows’.
May Viveros Lundy
{Every time I go to your class, something different resonates – body and breath awareness, a better understanding of my own movements.
Wendy Kakaio
{Sifu Toni provides excellent instruction in a nurturing environment. I always leave class feeling calm, rejuvenated, and grateful.
Amy Palmer
{I started practicing Qigong when I was recovering from cancer. It gave me permission to do something that was just for me, filling me with happiness, calmness, and mindfulness.
Adrea Brown

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