10 Years of Chi Moments!

May 13, 2024


I thought it would be fun to share one insight from each year. I chose ones that stood out for me when I reread them. I invite you to read any and all that you feel called to do so.

Please know, I am still writing because of you. My heart is full of gratitude when I look back at these older entries and see how far I have come, and how far I have to go—a continual life process. Thank you for being part of the Chi Tribe; you are why I continue to share my passions for Qigong and Tai Chi.


May 2014  |  The Risk to Bloom
This was my official first letter. As I reread it, I am still pondering some of the same questions in a more expansive way. I have grown a lot as a teacher, and I continue to find my natural expression of Qigong/Tai Chi. Learning from within continues to be my path, and I still resonate with each bullet point I wrote 10 years ago.


October 2015  |  What I Learned in the Mountains
This was my first solo Tai Chi retreat. My teacher gave me the framework for the three days. After rereading this, the thought arose inside: maybe it’s time for another one. 


February 2016  |  Being versus Doing
I feel 10 years later, the “doing” in life has become more prevalent in the collective as a whole, and are we better for it? Hmmn.


June 2017  |  Knowing and Experiencing
What a transfomational year! I went through my C-Adventure, and my husband and I grew a part. BTW, today we are good friends; we share in philosophical conversations and, of course, parenting.


May 2018  |  The Formless Affects the Form
This one is from a Qigong workshop I attended with Lee Holden. It’s a reminder of what we can change, what we cannot, and how everything is interconnected.


Jan 2019  |  What If Today?
I believe reflection at any time of the year is profound because we are constantly changing. This insight asks the simple question, “What if today we loved ourselves exactly the way we are?” WHAT IF?


August 2020  |  Changing the Dialogue Within
We all remember 2020, don’t we? This one is, in all ways, a relevant reminder to change our internal dialogue.


February 2021  |  Resiliency with Alignment
This one came from me asking my Sifu how he would define being resilient.


July 2022  |  Intentions and Expectations
Are you living life with intentions or expectations? Do you know the difference? Also, do you know that I created a journal with this in mind.


November 2023  |  Glorifying Busy Will Destroy Us
On two recent podcasts of “We Can Do Hard Things,” they share how being busy is our cult (culture), and our religion is productivity. I invite you to listen to both episodes and know that it is not our fault about the business; that is how we were brought up.


Again, I am sending you a heartfelt thank you for being on the journey of Chi Moments with me!


Photo: Tokyo, Japan, in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden


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