Winter Self-Care

Jan 8, 2023

According to the Gregorian calendar we have officially entered into the year of 2023. I choose to celebrate the new year on the first new moon of the year [Lunar New Year / Chinese New Year], which happens later this month on January 22.

If you feel like you are moving slow January, and life isn’t going as smoothly as you would like, know you are not alone. Maybe it has to do with Mars and Mercury in retrograde. [They go direct later this month] Or, it’s simply time to embrace winter.

In the meantime be kind to yourself, go inward and listen within. Yes, ask for insights from others if you need support, and also know the final choice is up to you. Remember, we live in a free-will planet, and we are in all ways in CHOICE.

Winter season is maximum yin, it’s a time to conserve energy rather than expend it. Take time to reflect inward about this past year. Reflect knowing you are where you are by the choices you made. Journal about it, meditate on it, whatever works for you.

Don’t like where you are? Then choose differently this year.

Choose to take care of yourself and then others. Set some healthy boundaries. Of course, I am speaking to myself. Say “no” if you are not feeling a “yes”.

Listen to your heart. 

The ability to truly listen is a quality of healthy and balanced Water, the element of winter. The sense organ of Water is the ear, but listening does extend beyond our ability to hear.

A way to listen with your heart is be present in stillness, and when another person is speaking—really hear what they are saying. Ask them to tell you more, so you understand. Another reminder to myself.

I am working on this with my 18-year-old daughter, instead of reacting and trying to know what’s best for her. Her gift is showing me what I most need to practice. I love her with all my heart, and give thanks for us beginning again and again with loving-kindness. The ability to truly listen is a lifetime practice—not a one-and-done.

How can we be better listeners? With qigong, we begin by becoming aware, attuned to our bodies and breath. We respect our energies throughout the day—yes, that can even mean taking a nap. We honor each season, respect the changes, and notice how they affect us.

We honor our age and life experience. For example, if you’re in your 50’s, don’t try to be 20 again. Realize the wisdom and energy you now have as compared to your earlier years is different.

As I continue to mature in years, the saying—The more I learn the less I know—really rings true to me. And so does—The two best teachers are Experience & Time.

Let’s embrace winter instead of trying to jump into spring. It will come soon enough. Take this time to nourish your wisdom within, so those seeds you plant in spring will have strong roots.

Live in Utah? I invite you to join me in-person, January 28, 2023 from 2-4pm, for a cozy Saturday afternoon, nourishing yourself with some winter qigong, and we’ll expand on the elements of winter.


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