Nourishing Winter Qigong 2023

Come inside for a cozy experiential afternoon with qigong movements and conversational insights…

Saturday, JAN 28  |  2-4pm  |  Vitalize Community Studio

Winter is when we can recover from our year before spring begins. Have you ever noticed that it’s the only season that crosses two calendar years?

Maximum yin season = winter. The cooling qualities of winter [water] create a downward flow and inward attention. It is a time of year when energy needs to be conserved rather than expended.

When we look to Mother Nature, her busyness happens in cycles—followed by intervals of rest. Let us remember, we too our nature.


Give yourself two-hours of nourishment to experience and learn:

:  winter qigong movements

:  how we can embrace water’s soft strength

:  why it’s important to rest and listen within

:  how to tap into our spirit of water = wisdom


SATURDAY AFTERNOON, January 28, 2023  |   2-4pm

Vitalize Studio
3474 South 2300 East, Studio 12 in Millcreek, UT
(in the Historic Baldwin Radio Factory)

$35 per person  |  in advance
$40 per person  |  day of


Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, pen and paper

There are plenty of mats, blankets, and bolsters available at the studio.