Surrendering to the Flow of Life

Feb 27, 2022

How does the word, surrender feel initially? Feel it and don’t think about it logically. Is it expansive or contractive in the body?

Reset and pause. Take a few conscious deep breaths from your lower dantien, and say to yourself, “I surrender into presence.” Repeat this statement a few times and then check, how do you feel now?

If we choose surrendering to presence—there is no stress or worry. How beautiful is that? And, why do we not choose that choice more often?

First, let’s define the word surrender in this context. Most of us believe when we surrender, we give up, but what if we thought about it in a different way. How does it feel to say, to give over instead of give up? Does it feel lighter?

I believe at any time, with any given circumstance, we can choose to give it over to a higher power [i.e. God, The Universe, Angels, Source Energy, Intuition, Higher Self, Our Heart]. Because we are never truly alone, are we? How could we be? 

Simply look at nature—see the sun, the clouds, the leaves blowing in the wind, the snowflakes, the ocean, the mountains, whatever is in front of you—breathe it all in. As you connect, feel that you are nature, nature is within you, and nature is the Tao [the way]. 

Lao Tzu reminds us, “Let the Tao be present in your life and you will become genuine.”

What does it mean to become genuine? I feel it’s when the Tao is present in our life, we act and remember who we already are—a multi-dimensional being with an inner self compass, our heart. How often do you trust your heart? Do you feel something or receive a thought [notice I said receive, not think], and then your logical mind tells you a hundred different ways why it won’t work?

What if, we practiced ignoring the monkey-mind thoughts in our head because they usually want to inflate or protect our ego, our self-image, and instead we begin listening to our hearts.

Can we help ourselves become more genuine? Yes we can. Our job is simply to “let the Tao be present in our life” The key word is let. Simply allow it. Choosing to set our self aside, and not look outward to images for direction. For they are all illusions, we need to look at reality—our nature within. And, remember who we are, there is nothing to become, WE ALREADY ARE. 

Let us surrender into the nature of who we genuinely are and let the Tao be present in our life.

How about this for an invitation: follow your heart on one decision without rising into the mind, stay in the heart, listen and follow it. Then share with me how it went in comments below because you may encourage someone else to follow their heart. What a gift to pass forward … it’s simple…  yet genuine…  it’s heart-love.


PERSONAL SIDE NOTE: Please remember, the written insights I share are concepts I am currently pondering in my life. Like you, I begin again, and again, choosing to remember I AM nature.


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