Spring Begins the Ascending Yang Energy

Mar 16, 2022

As we have one foot still in winter, we enter into the transitional season of spring. 

Our hopes are high, as we see the daffodils rising up through the earth, along with crocuses and tulips. The flowers can feel the change in the air, and so can we. Except if you live here in Utah, [or anywhere else in the northern hemisphere] we also know there could be snowfall at anytime on top of the spring flowers and our hopes.

What does that mean for us? Well, I believe it means we must remain flexible and patient, and not jump directly to full yang energy in our minds. That only sets us up for disappointment when the weather changes. Because that is what the weather does in spring—it changes—it plays with us.

As we begin slowly moving into this ascending yang energy, allow yourself to continue to nurture your roots of winter, and contemplate what it is you would like to plant this spring.

When we begin to think about what we will plant in our physical garden, we usually have to do some weeding first. Let’s give our inner-selves the same respect. Journal a few things you would like to weed out in your life that no longer serve. 

For example, I would like to weed out my not-so-nice reactions to my daughter. I won’t go into detail, but if you are a parent, you get the idea. Because these reactions place us in a continuous cycle of blame/shame/guilt. 

How will I do that? By practicing one of the four agreements: not to take it personally, and to not let it affect my joy. Because I know that no one can make me feel a certain way, it’s my choice. And, I am ready to weed this out for good. I am aware that I may slip up, because weeding takes time. Even outdoor weeds come back, they are tenacious buggers aren’t they? [Side note: blue dish soap, hot water, and salt, really do a great job of keeping the outdoor weeds at bay.]

I also have to be patient with myself [my heart] and let this seed I am planting of responding nourish in the soil. When we plant our garden seeds, we allow them as much time as they need to produce themselves whether it’s strawberries, squash, carrots and my personal favorite, tomatoes. We don’t go outside and dig up the seeds and ask them why they haven’t bloomed yet. I seriously need to give myself the same respect, by nurturing compassion and not be so damn self-critical. I do believe eventually my reactions will be further and further apart, giving me the light to see a possibility of when reactions may no longer part of me.

What weeds do you want to let go of, and what will you plant in its place?  Please let me know by leaving a comment below. 


  1. Happy Spring Toni! I truly enjoyed your reflections today. These are things I need to work on, too. I have mostly hibernated the winter away. I did a lot of home improvements and, in the process, some self-improvements along the way too. More work to do, though! I feel it is time to blossom and reach for the sun!

    • Dear Pam, thank you for sharing your personal insights about winter hibernating and spring blossoming. Yes, it’s a continual cycle isn’t it? Here’s to less weeds and more seeds. XO

  2. Your piece awakened me this morning. I love the thought to journal & ask what I want to weed out in my life & spring is a great time to do this. Love your gardening metaphor!
    Thank you for your lovely words

    • Thank you Joanne for taking time to share your personal thoughts. We will go deeper into this weeding and planting seeds in my spring [event] experience on 4/9.


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