Changing Our Lens of Perception

Mar 29, 2022

Every conversation we have, every book we remember, every story we share is from our personal lens of experience. It is simply our truth.

Our truth is compiled from what we have gathered from observing life, and knowing what resonates within our heart and what does not.

Does that mean that my truth is your truth? Probably not because your perception of life is coming from your personal lens.

The big question is how do we change our lens of perception? Meaning, how do we expand it more and let go of the duality of right and wrong?

My dear friend, Jim who transitioned last year was known for repeating, “it is what it is.” We would have deep conversations about life and different aspects of living and his reply was always… it is what it is.

Now, I can see how this reply was his practice of tai chi. Now, stay with me as I explain.

I continue to learn that tai chi is merely a vehicle to the transformation of change—a physical gateway to achieve a heightened state of consciousness. Tai Chi is a way to change our lens of perception, allowing us to change our perspective.

When our perspective changes, we become less attached to labels, comparing ourselves, and more present in our life. We become better listeners and have more empathy for others.

My Sifu recently reminded us that the yin-yang symbol is not flat, it is a sphere that is constantly moving. We are constantly moving and changing, therefore our lens of perception continues to change. How beautiful is that?

I invite you to ponder the following thoughts to allow your perspective to change:

  • Find contentment in your every day life rather than complacency
  • Know that everyone is doing there best, even if your perception differs
  • Be kind—simply to be kind
  • Be patient with everyone, including yourself
  • Allow your breath to have a pause—respond rather than react
  • Laugh everyday, especially at yourself
  • Let go of attachments and labels
  • Listen to your heart, and let it guide you
  • Take time to observe and be in nature
  • Embrace what is, knowing it will change


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