Slowing Down is Productive

Sep 4, 2014

At first when you read this statement, you may think, “Well how can that be?” How can one be more productive when they slow down? Are we not taught and brought-up to be productive at all costs? Beginning from grade school, do your homework, do chores, play outside, go to after-school activities, etc. etc. And it only seems to accumulate as we get older, go to college, get a good job, get married, have kids, continue to excel in your career, and do it all at once. Just thinking about all of it makes one weary.

What if, instead of jumping out of bed in the morning, we were to arise 15-30 minutes earlier, and just sit with our thoughts and feelings? Even choose to write in a gratitude journal, knowing that the more we give thanks for what we have now, the more we will have to be grateful for. Then, slowly make our way to moving our body, stretching, breathing and doing some Qigong. Really staying focused on our breath, movement and being present. I believe when we do this, we actually have more clarity to begin our day — we can actually feel it. And, then as we continue throughout our day, when we feel overscheduled, stressed or just don’t know what to do next… we remember how we felt in the morning. We take a few long deep “buddha belly” breaths to bring that feeling back into our minds, body and soul. It doesn’t need to take but a minute to regain that clarity of “presentness.” This is something you can do anywhere at anytime. While you are driving the carpool with loud kids in the car; while you are working on a deadline that your boss needs in an hour; while you are cooking dinner and it seems everyone needs your attention; or while you are having a conversation with your loved one and they have no idea what you are talking about.

Yes, taking time in the morning to slow down
will allow the rest of your day to flow with more productivity and less effort.

I want you to experience it for yourself, and that’s why I created a FREE “9 Days to Slowing Down.” Sign up now, (see orange & purple sign up graphic on top of this page) and know you are on your way to being more present and productive in your life by slowing down.

Here’s to enjoying being slow… CHEERS!


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