F.E.E.L. Tomatoes… (what?)

Oct 2, 2014

How often to you take the opportunity to really feel your surroundings? How about something as simple as, when you are picking fresh vegetables and fruit out of your garden. Do you take the time to really feel them? And, I don’t mean only with your hands, I mean really embrace their energy with more of your senses, your eyes, nose, and mouth. Do you give thanks to Mother Earth for the goodness she consistenly gives to you and those you love?

The dictionary’s definition of the word feel is: to handle or touch in order to examine, test, or explore some quality.

I believe that is just the surface of feeling. In order to truly feel, we must be present — present in our surroundings, present in our breath, while having clarity and focus (meaning not multi-tasking). Does this take any more time then just picking up that tomato in your garden and feeling it with your hands? No, not at all—all it is—is being presently aware of what we are doing in the moment — yes, it does take practice.

A good example of “not being aware” of the moment, is when you are driving home, and all of the sudden you arrive at your driveway, and for a brief moment you think, “How did I arrive here?” The truth is you were so busy, with thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future, while you were driving, that you were on auto-pilot. Has this ever happened to you? How many times have you been on auto-pilot in other areas of your life?

Here’s a fun exercise: The next time you are in your car, notice how the steering wheel feels, what the temperature is inside the car, turn off the radio, listen to the sounds of the moment. Begin the engine and while you are driving notice different things on the street. F.E.E.L. (Forget Everything Embrace Life) How it is to be present, with your mind, your body, and your surroundings? If you catch yourself, feeling agitated and what to turn on the radio, DON’T. Feel what it feels like to be agitated. And, ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this right now?” Listen to what your body tells you, whether it be through a feeling somewhere throughout your body, a color, whatever it is, just notice. Then accept it, love it as it is, and continue with this exercise of F.E.E.Ling. Allow your thoughts to just come and go like clouds. Keep coming back to awareness through your breath, and feeling what it’s like to completely F.E.E.L. this moment in time and space.

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