Invest in Loss…

Aug 7, 2014

Another great Chinese quote that Sifu consistently shares with us is “Invest in Loss.” At first glance, it doesn’t make sense, does it? Why would someone want to purposefully invest in loss? But, maybe the deeper question to ask yourself would be, “When one does choose to invest in loss, what is one investing in, and what does one choose to lose?”

Thoughts worth pondering:

  • When in conversation with another, one does not always have to be right, in fact, not engaging (or investing in loss) at times, can be the best answer for all those involved.
  • Letting a negative remark go past you and not stick, is investing in loss. Let it fly off your shoulder, instead of allowing it to stay and weigh you down.
  • In push-hands (an advanced practice), we must yield to the other person’s energy, find their center, and at the same time, do not let them find our center. (It’s a sensitivity drill, of invest in loss).
  • Not engaging. When you are with others who are gossiping or speaking in negative terms, invest in loss and do not engage, or change the subject.
  • Allow others to have their opinion, without you being attached to a judgement about it (…again invest in loss). We all have the right to believe what we choose, and usually your belief will be different than theirs (…and that’s okay).
  • Really know within yourself that you DO NOT need to know everything little thing about a situation before you move forward. Choose to invest in loss, and listen to your intuitional body.
  • Having less control of situations, at times, can work in your favor, allowing you to “flow with life”. Try it and see how it feels to invest in loss when it comes to being in total control. (Read more on “Flowing With Life.)

In my humble opinion, investing in loss is investing in one’s self, continuously learning in each moment as it arises and then letting IT go “in loss.” (Whatever IT may be…ego, the past, etc.) If we don’t invest in ourselves,  who will?


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