Embracing and Envisioning

Dec 31, 2020

As I write this to you, it’s the eve of 2020. What a year, one that will be talked about for many generations to come, and we can say we experienced it.

We have all changed this past year, I have learned more about myself than I could have imagined. As, I am sure you have too—now how do we take everything we have learned and embrace it, while using it as a foundation to envision our next steps?

I can only speak for myself, and maybe it will resonate with you.

Below are the most read journal entries for 2020. I invite you to revisit them or maybe read them for the first time. I love how the Universe will whisper to me, when I reread something. [Which I do often.] It’s as if a certain word or a concept is being shared with me for the very first time. Another way of saying, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

May some chosen words speak to you as you envision your next now moment…


Live Life with the 70% Rule. I find this one insightful because it was written BEFORE we were told to stay home and be physically distanced. We did live 2020 with 70% didn’t we? May it have taught us all to be more compassionate and kind to every sentient being.

Splitting Apart to Come Together. I share a Tao Oracle card, I drew and its meaning. This year, we have seen and felt a lot of opposition, let us remember it is simply two sides of one coin. Letting go so we may be restored.

What Would Love Do? I ask myself this question everyday as I communicate with my daughter. And, in this entry I share the story, “An Island Where Feelings Lived.” Reminding us we may not have an understanding of why things are at the moment, instead we need to trust and know Time will reveal Love to us.

Focus on the Things You Love. 2020 gave us plenty of time to realizing what brings us joy. I hope you discovered a few for yourself, I know for me, it’s a constant coming back to the present moment, breathe, begin again.



  1. Thanks for sharing these posts Toni. I was immediately drawn to The Island of Feelings when I read it the first time. Rereading it again makes me appreciate the magic of Time. May we all be well, happy, and at peace.

    • You are very welcome Rebecca, thanks for reading the posts and commenting. And, YES the magic of Time … it has perfect ways of revealing Love to us.

  2. Thank you for the words of wisdom and comfort. My almost 90 year old mother is COVID positive so am trying to bring up as much positive energy as possible to send to her.

    • Renee, thank you for sharing, I will send her some chi energy as well. And, I invite anyone else who reads this to do the same, for we really are all one.


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