Focus on the Things You Love

Dec 3, 2020

This year is one that will go down in history isn’t it? How are you doing with everything? Have you had a chance to settle into a flow that feels good? Or, are you still hoping the old world will come back?

I am here to say, it won’t. How can it? We all have changed, you may not agree with some of the changes, but that doesn’t really matter. It is what it is. Why spend your energy on something that you have no control over?

Instead, I invite you to continue or begin focusing on the things you love. What brings you joy?

Here’s a partial list of mine in random order:

Walking ~ I have walked more these past nine months than I ever have. In my neighborhood, friends’ neighborhoods, Jordan Parkway with my mom, other parks and in the mountains. I LOVE being outside, taking conscious deep breaths. Whether I am walking alone noticing my surroundings, hearing the birds, the crunch of the leaves, listening to a podcast, practicing Qigong & Tai Chi or enjoying a conversation with a friend. It’s all love to me.


Reading ~ I enjoy reading in my adult life, more than when I was in school. Maybe it’s because now, I get to choose the subjects that I prefer reading. Which includes a real book, not on a kindle or computer, I love the feel of the book in my hands, and I love to highlight and underline what resonates in that now moment. The book I am currently into is #2 in a series of four. [BTW lots of underlines] They are entitled, The Team—A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side. The books are channeled from a mother who has physically transitioned and its communicated to her daughter.

The Team refers how we always have our tribe with us—we are not alone. Trina, my soul sister, always reminded me that we have Angels/Guides here to assist us, but that we must ask, they cannot interfere with free will. [I have been doing a lot of asking and listening these past months ;-]


Teaching ~ I really enjoy teaching Qigong / Tai Chi, yes even via Zoom. Technology is completely AWEmazing allowing us to still stay connected. I know it’s not the same, but hey what is? I have heard from many of my Huntsman Cancer Institute students that they love not having to drive and worry about getting a parking space.

Everyone brings their energy to class and we connect, I love it. And, knowing that I am making a difference  in someone’s life fills my heart with so much joy and love. I recently read a letter from a student who was having a rough time sleeping after the Utah earthquake this year. She remembered the conscious breathing techniques, I taught her in class, and now sleeps like a baby. […knowing that still gives me the warm fuzzies]


Movement ~ Practicing yoga is love to me,  especially being in a hot room and sweating from every pore of my being. I also love being a student, focusing on my breath, my center, feeling my own alignment without talking… it’s pure bliss.

Dancing is pure joy moving through my body. When I am working out at home, or cleaning house I love to dance, it just feels good. Period.


Being ~ Yes, you read that right. Simply being. These past nine months, I have had a chance to really practice observing my being. As my teacher reminded us last night in our Zoom class, everything is Tai Chi. Our conscious breaths, each present moment, observing my thoughts, how I move through a room or pick up a glass, observing my actions, laughing, and choosing to learn from every interaction. Whether it’s the thoughts in my head, or the the person in front of me. All while doing my best not to judge and label, for we are all doing our best. Quit qualifying things as good / bad … it simply is.

Lastly, I feel the best way to focus on love, is being kind and compassionate to yourself and everyone you come in contact with—for we are truly all in this together.


  1. I love and am truly grateful for my friends. They support me and make me laugh. I love food and I give thanks that I am enough. I love working up a sweat with a good cardio workout and when I push myself with yoga postures. I am thankful for the infinite possibilities ahead!

    • Yes to all of it … friends, food, laughter and infinite possibilities ahead ❤️ And we are all enough.


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