Jan 28, 2021

I thought a short writing about the subject of acceptance would be a great way to start 2021.

Let’s begin with an invitation, accept everything in your world exactly as it is. Sound simple enough?

It can be difficult if we consider putting up resistance against the way things are: complaining about things to be different. Something as simple as the weather or a reactive response from a stranger or a friend. At times we regret things they we said or did in the past or that has been done to us. Either way it’s expending tremendous chi [emotional energy] on the past … which we cannot change and neither can anyone else. Period.

Accepting reality doesn’t mean being complacement or not sharing your desire to make changes. It simply means to choose not to waste your chi with something that is futile. Instead direct your energy into the work of creating a better reality, one that has more meaning and is joyful.

Which always brings us back to living in the present moment. Do yourself a favor and minimize complaints today, save your energy for things and people that make your heart sing. Establish your emotional center with your breath and allow it to be calm and expansive while considering ways to build upon your reality in the present, not the past. 

While others are busy venting their frustrations, change your course and you’ll notice how the energy shifts within. You will then feel the effortless—yet effective—Tao at work.


photo: Kauai, Hawaii ~ Taylor Leopold ~


  1. Yes. I am doing just that. I am presence and in complete surrender moment to moment.

    Much appreciation Toni

    • Dearest LaVonne, thank you for being an example for all of us. Complete surrender … beautifully said.

  2. Thank you Toni❣️That was exactly what I needed today.

    • Dear Lisa, thank you for reading and letting me know the words resonated with you.


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