Benefits of Movement and Stillness

Jun 2, 2023

The body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness, we need both.


Physical Benefits
The body benefits from movement. 

For me, finding that balance between movement and stillness is key to my creative inspiration, and flowing with my life—whether it is writing, designing, or the day-to-day decisions. When I am at my desk, I set a timer for 33-min and 33-sec [because I love the number 3]. And, once the timer goes off, I know I need to move.

Sometimes that is only a few minutes, sometimes it’s more. The point is changing the pattern from stillness to movement because we need both.

I also find, when I am creatively blocked or feeling lethargic, movement is the answer! Sometimes, it’s dancing to a song that makes me move, or outside taking a few moments to ground into mother earth, or a neighborhood walk.

This is where embracing your unique movement comes into play. What feels good to you? There are as many options as there are people, check out different ones, and trust your body—it knows.


Mental Benefits
The mind benefits from stillness.

Now with movement, we cannot always be on the go… although some of us try, and then we are forced to be still—due to pure exhaustion. If we can find the balance of movement and stillness, we will not burn out, we will shine out. Think radiance.

Again, stillness can take many forms. For me, it’s literally sitting on a cushion to meditate, or writing in my journal. I have two—of course I do—I was born a Virgo. ;-)

One journal, is for writing thoughts, or experiences, and I write in it sporadically. The other is an every day journal where I write my morning mantras and intentions, and then at night I write gratitude statements for that day. It is a simple and profound mental experience for me. It allows me to have intentions without expectations, and each night I expand on gratitude.


Emotional Benefits
We need both— stillness (yin) and movement (yang).

The benefits of having both stillness and movement in our lives are vast and infinite. Does this mean that everyday will be perfectly balanced? NO. It means, we have the opportunity to come back to our center and adjust.

This is where the Qigong 70/30 balance comes in. If you find that your life is super busy right now, allow yourself to do 70% then find someway to create 30% of stillness. Or, if that is feeling impossible, do you and your 100% for a few days, then give yourself a total break. Have this break be by choice, instead of being forced into it from exhaustion.

If you are feeling lethargic, or have no energy—bring in some movement—see how you feel, maybe 10-20-30% of your day. Adjust as necessary, and find your own rhythm.

These thoughts and suggestions are just that. We do not need fixing, we can always expand and figure out what works for us, in our own time, in our own way. And every day, we can begin again, we can be open to breaking a pattern that no longer serves us with love and compassion. Whether it’s too much movement, or too much stillness—your body knows, listen to it.

Filling our days with movement and stillness is a HUGE emotional benefit. But, maybe right now, you do not know what you like. The good news is you probably know what you do not like, what isn’t working. Now, you can experience different options, feel into them. I know movement has changed for me, from teaching hi-impact aerobics and step to qigong/tai chi. I also love being a student of pilates and yoga.

On the other hand, my stillness has basically remained the same for quite some time. I love journaling, reading, and sitting on my cushion.

I invite you be aware of when you are in stillness there is movement—you are breathing, your heart is beating, blood is flowing, etc. And, when you are moving, allow stillness to join you, by simply being present wherever you are.



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