This is Why I Practice

Nov 1, 2017

A couple weeks ago, I was asked to record a 2-minute elevator speech on Tai Chi for the Wellness Center Staff Retreat at Huntsman. Of course, I said “yes,” I was honored, and when opportunities arise to educate and share Tai Chi and Qigong, I do my best to show up.

The only thing is — it was only 2-minutes. How does one share benefits and explain the layered modality of Tai Chi in 2-minutes? When I first starting writing out my speech to help me flow on camera, I timed it, and just like that my two minutes were up. Ugh. I still had two more pages of copy. I began to cut things out — began again and cut more. I starting to think how I could explain more in less, so I added movement.

Now, please keep in mind, this is my first time doing something like this, I had a dear friend with me at the recording studio, I practiced over and over again before we hit the record button. We ended up using the first one because we were already over the allotted time I had reserved studio, and the next person was waiting. Below are the words I used to keep myself on track, I did do my best to memorize it, but as you will hear in the video, it’s not word for word. And my friend reminded me, is it isn’t supposed to be, it’s meant to be more organic, more fluid. Duh, I knew that because isn’t that what Tai Chi & Qigong represent? Chi flows naturally.

Enjoy the video on YouTube by CLICKING HERE. Or, feel free to read the written words below. Let me know in the comment box below if this resonates with you.


Hi my name is Toni and I teach on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30-10:30am.

Tai Chi is a moving meditation. When practicing, we use our breath to connect us to our mind and body as move our chi. (our life force). We breathe from our belly, giving us a full expanded breath.

Tai Chi allows us to slow down and feel, to BE present in our mind and in our body. Being present in our body, allows us to become aware of it and where we hold subtle tension — and then we can let it go.

Being present in our mind, quiets the monkey mind. With each breath we inhale the present, and as we exhale, we let go of the past and what no longer serves us.

This is why I practice.

Tai Chi brings more balance into our lives physically, so we have less chance of falling, while it strengthens our legs, lowers our blood pressure and helps with neuropathy. Tai Chi balances us mentally by helping us reduce the stress in our every day lives …

This moving meditation expands our awareness, so we can respond in life rather than react.

This is why I practice.

Tai Chi teaches us how to be soft and strong in our lives. Soft in the words we speak to our selves and with others — for softness always overcomes hardness. We become stronger by taking care of ourselves first. We become proactive in our lives not a victim.

This is why I practice.

Tai Chi is learning how to BE (Breathe & Expand) within each moment as it rises…

This is why I practice.


  1. Beautiful! Adding the movement was brilliant. Your graceful, flowing arms always inspire me, my friend.

    • Jules, thanks for your kind words and thanks for listening to the video.


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