Transitions in Life and T’ai Chi

Jan 24, 2018

The word transitions seems to keep coming up for me … maybe because 2017 was a metamorphosis of a year. As most of you know it started out with me being diagnosed with breast cancer in January; surgery to remove the tumors on February 13 [clean nodes & clean margins, YES!]; 12-weeks of chemotherapy began in April; 19 treatments of radiation began every day M-F the day after Labor Day; and my husband and I separated later in September. Whoa, just typing it out like this makes me realize it has been one hell of a year—to put it quite bluntly.

I have learned so much about mySelf this past year:

I am stronger and softer than I had originally thought.
Crying is very cleansing for my Soul.
Anger is a powerful change agent.
My problems [challenges] seem insignificant when I expand my vision.
I like the way I look with short hair.
Knowing and experiencing are two different things.
Only I need to trust my intuition.
I am blessed with many, many friends who get me — they really see me.
LOVE is a verb, not a noun.
The only thing I really have control over is my feelings.
I know everything is always working out for me.

This past year, I have come to the realization [through experience] how important transitions are in life as they are in my practice of T’ai Chi. Many circumstances could of kept me down—even though I did my share of “self-pity” parties for awhile—I chose to rise and not succumb to it.

As I find myself transitioning into this next phase of life, I remind myself to have fluidity, consistency and grace. Lately, my T’ai Chi practice has been feeling the transitions from one posture to the other, without rushing … the connection of my breath and being with each moment and not focusing on the posture itself.

Isn’t that the same as saying, “It’s the journey not the destination?” We have all heard those words many times, this year, I feel I lived it. And, I hope to continue this journey of life learning from whatever circumstances arise. I also know I learn from contrast—discerning what I DO and DO NOT desire in my life is very powerful.

I believe T’ai Chi is a way of life, a way of teaching me how to move from one transition to another. I invite you the next time you practice, feel into your transitions and not worry about the posture. For, it is in the fluidity of life where we learn what we are made of, what our heart desires, and what we want to let go.

I love remembering everything in life is a transition and it’s how I choose to flow with it is what counts, not when I will arrive.

I would love to hear about your transitions, and what they have taught you … please comment below. Thanks for listening.


  1. I’ve been reminded that transitions happen in my life and if I’m honest with myself, I know the “movement” while challenging will be good. Being in the present is sometimes hard but I will keep trying. I’m most anxious to spend time with the Desire Map! Holding good vibes and healing thoughts for all my family and friends. More soon Toni

    • Awe, movement … it is the key. Sending you some good vibes and healing thoughts right back at ya!

  2. Hello dear Toni! I am enjoying feeling the postures in T’ai Chi as well, letting them tell me when I’ve gone too far and getting to know the sweet spots.

    • Yes! D’Arcy, it must be in the air ;-) I was just talking about the “sweet spots” today in class. Finding our center and doing our best to not let anyone or anything take us from there. And, if it happens we can redirect back to our sweet spot. Thanks for sharing…


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