Shift or Change?

Jan 30, 2024

I have been pondering these two words, shift and change. Below you’ll find definitions I extracted from a longer article about their differences from

A shift is a subtle or gradual change in something. It can refer to a change in direction, focus, or perspective.

A shift can also refer to a change in the way something is perceived or understood. For example, a shift in mindset or attitude can lead to a change in behavior or decision-making.

A broad term that refers to any alteration or modification in something. It can be a small or large change, and can refer to anything from a simple adjustment to a complete transformation.

Change can be planned or unplanned, and can be initiated by internal or external factors.

While a shift is a more subtle or gradual change, change is a broader term that encompasses any type of modification or alteration.


“Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light.”~Dan Brown


I chose to write about this subject because it’s a new calendar year, 2024. And, in a couple weeks we will begin the year of the Yang Wood Dragon (Feb 10, 2024). Which for me, is when I feel the new year shift.

It seems at the beginning of every new year our social media, television, and billboards love to tell us what we need to change about ourselves to feel better. As if there is something wrong with us? Even worse, we may believe it’s true.

What if we shifted our mindset and attitude? And instead we inherently knew there is nothing wrong with us. We are all unique human beings. Yes, we can improve in certain areas, but we do need a complete overhaul, no matter what the outside world wants to “sell” us.

We can choose to take small subtle movements forward (aka actions) that can change our direction, focus and perspective. Which Qigong & Tai Chi naturally do for us.

With both modalities we learn to be aware of our direction physically and mentally. We become aware of observing (focus). How is my breath? How is my body? How is my mind? Where is my mind? Is it here with me in the room? If not, we can simply use the bridge of breath to bring our mind and body together again.

My invitation to you in this new year of 2024 is consider shifting to make gradual changes, with loving compassion towards yourself. Let’s not feel forced by anything outside of us to make a HUGE change. It will happen, it always does. Nothing ever stays the same. (Look at photo of yourself from years back ;)

May we expand our awareness like the dragon who flies high in the sky with a huge perspective of land and sea.






  1. Shift appeals to me. Within myself I can move in direction of goodness and instead of moving away from it. Sounds easy but the path is often times rugged. Working on self compassion so it’s easier to serve others better is hard work.

    • Beautifully said Sue, I 100% agree. And as we know, self compassion is a lifetime process.


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