Our Connection Within and Without

Oct 25, 2023


“Connection is how we bring that which is within into the world.”

~Frederick Alexander Ross


We successfully completed our 2nd Annual Qigong Retreat for Women, and have already set dates for 2024!

When we planned this year’s event, we didn’t realize it was the weekend of the Annular Solar Eclipse, until someone pointed it out to us. I do believe in divine timing.

This year’s theme was Discovering the Wisdom Within, and that was exactly what we did. We began the weekend in a sacred circle by introducing ourselves with one of our favorite books we brought to exchange. A wonderful way to get to know someone, and receive a book with a heartfelt endorsement.

I believe our connection was deeper this year, everyone that came was ready to confirm the wisdom they had within, and having it confirmed by others was icing on the cake.

We received insights while getting massages, lying in the healing crystal bed, exercises that had us think twice of why we do things. We laughed, cried, rested, painted rocks, read books, sat in the hot tub, practiced qigong outside on the deck each day, embraced the eclipse, and enjoyed wonderful vegetarian meals made with pure love. 

We also did some silent Tai Chi walking. I knew this would be an experience, AND I had no idea how transformative it would be.

Some of us, including myself, chose to walk barefoot. We began outside our cabin—walking on the small road with tiny rocks, asphalt, dirt, sticks and autumn leaves. What I thought took us 20 minutes, was actually more than an hour. There was no linear time, no effort, it was truly effortless, it was wu wei way (effortless action).

This was the longest time-frame that I have experienced silent walking, and doing it with others. It was pure magic—I would move my feet softer on the ground with each step, the small rocks, the sticks didn’t bother me. I experienced the strength in being soft physically. Which reminded me of Thich Nhat Hanh, “walk as if kissing the earth.” 

My breath deepened in and out through my nose with each slow step. I could feel my breath rising up through the earth, up my spine and out the crown of my head. Then the exhale came down from sky through the crown of my head into the earth. A form of macroscopic breathing. 

When we walked “normally” back to the cabin that is when I felt the small sticks, rocks, etc. I laughed to myself realizing the yin-yang of walking. It also reminded me of when I had done a firewalk back in the late 80s in Heber, Utah. Where we were reminded to keep a meditative steady pace as we walked across the 100-ft hot embers. Of course, the tai ch walking was way slower than walking across hot embers. ;-)

We saw wild turkeys on our way back to the cabin, the colors seemed to be brighter, we laughed, we felt lighter, and it seemed the hour-long meditative walk elevated our consciousness with awareness. The adjective I came up with to describe this experience was melted. We had all softened our edges to be part of nature, instead of simply observing it. We were truly one—not separate.

To me, this is part of discovering the divine wisdom within.


Thanks to everyone who joined us this year, and my wonderful team, Beth & Heather.


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