Ease, Flow and Abundance

May 4, 2022

We often hear the saying, “Simply flow with life.” The question is how to we get there? I believe we begin with ease.

I love this definition of ease: Freedom from pain, worry, or agitation. It makes sense, right? And how to we feel that freedom? For me, I know it’s remaining aware of the present moments in my life. When I notice the feeling of worry, it is always outside of presentness—which takes me out of ease. I come back by connecting with my breath and noticing my current surroundings. It is there, where I can feel ease find its way back to me.

Once, I am at ease…  my life seems to flow.

Definition: to move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity, as in the manner characteristic of a fluid.

The word flow to me, brings up living with soft edges—­whether it’s in the mind, the physical body, or the emotional body.  I wrote about that a while back if you would like more insight.

I unceasingly repeat the word fluidity when teaching. Having our movements be a consistent flow, not speeding up or stopping—which I refer to as hard edges.

Once, I am at ease… I can flow, and then feel the abundance in my life.

The deeper meaning of abundance, by Jeff Foster, It’s not what you have; it’s what you are. 

Which brings me back to Tai Chi, it’s not the sequential movements, it’s how we live in our everyday lives.

Abundance is in the air we breathe, we can see it in nature, and we feel it when hugging a loved one. It’s our connection to each breath. It’s savoring of the simple moments in life—the inner joy you feel when you did something you previously thought you couldn’t. That deep belly laugh we share with friends, having an open heart with yourself and others. Abundance is each new day as we choose to begin again, the breeze on our cheeks when we’re outside, and the sun warming our face.

Abundance is everywhere, we just have to be present to notice. And that begins with feeling ease in our life, and surrendering to the flow.

The next time you feel stressed, worried or anxious, remember these three words:
Ease ~ Flow ~ Abundance


  1. I love this about abundance – it’s not about what we have but what we are

    • Jackie me too… in a world that is so focused on accumulation, it’s nice to feel into the abundance of what we are.


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