Appreciation for my Village

Dec 2, 2021

Wow. It’s done. This beautiful website you are looking at was created by many Soulful beings with passion in their HeART.

D’Arcy Monforte, Creative Illustrator
Your imagination and creative hands captured my idea for the Chi Moments’ icon. You updated the reconizable symbol of the yin/yang with my favorite leaf … the aspen. This icon represents how we need to simply BE = Breathe & Expand while being grounded in our roots. As you know, I believe we cannot expand without being grounded.

Then of course, there are all the icons you created that represent different sections of the website, they are beautiful, simple and congruent. D’Arcy thank you for sharing your gifts.

Sidenote: D’Arcy is also known as Sifu D’Arcy, we have studied Tai Chi together for many years.

Matt Monforte, Website Guru
You designed my first website back in 2014 and have outdone yourself on this one, especially making sure it behaves on the different platorms (mobile, tablet, desktop). And, you have been extremely kind with me while I started and stopped this project many times. Matt your patience is one to be admired, thank you.

Gillian Hunter, Authentic & Adventurous Photographer
We finally did some photos, yay! Thank you for indulging me in the idea of photos for every season. I look forward to unveiling different ones on the website and social media as the seasons change. Gillian, I love your passion, it’s infectious, thank you.

Heather Beers, Magical Wordsmith, Momentum Communications
Thank you for putting the words together with what I have in my heart. From our conversations, you truly have a gift of seeing what’s on the inside of another being, and bringing it to life for others to understand. Heather your listening skills are second to no one, thank you.

Pearl Wright, Gratitude Influencer
During one of our coffee-therapy sessions [because that’s what friends do] you asked what you could do to help me with the updating website. I mentioned testimonials [aka gratitude] from students then you graciously offered to handle for me. You set up the survey, we sent it out, you proof read the feedback from students, and placed them in different categories of gratitude. Thank you Pearl for unconditional support.

Sifu Jerry Gardner, Tai Chi Master
You and I often joke about how we have been together longer than most relationships. Instead of listing the many gifts you have given me, I will simply quote a line from the Tao Te Ching, “The unnamable is the eternally real.” You are in all ways there for me, and please know I am here for you too. My wish for us both is that we continue to listen to our hearts.

Friends & Family / Students / Mentors, Village of Chi Moments
There are so many more people to thank, and please know if you are reading this writing, it’s you. Whether we know each in person, online, are related, known each other for years, or we just connected—thank you. I bow to you in gratitude for listening, empathizing, and encouraging me to take steps forward. Because without you, there wouldn’t be Chi Moments. A huge heart of gratitude to each and everyone of you, I love sharing chi adventures together!


  1. Toni. So much of you is reflected in this new website. It’s wonderful and I know many blessings will come to you.

    • Thank you Rebecca, may this website help me share chi blessings with everyone.

  2. Toni, I love this . Thanks for always being here for us. Congratulations and your website is beautiful!

    • Thanks Tami for your kind words, I love being in service to you all!

  3. Such a privilege to support you in your journey…to help others along their journey, Sifu Toni! I’ve been lucky enough to know you for years, and I can’t say enough how amazing it’s been to watch how you touch the world with your authentic, loving energy. Congrats on the website launch!

    • Wow, thank you Heather! And, you have been so supportive in more ways than you know. ❤️

  4. While much of the world is locked in fear and dicouragement you have continued to grow, lead and inspire. Your are truly a Sifu of the highest order. Bless you!!
    Sifu Gary

    • Sifu Gary, what an honor to read those words from you. For all these years, you have been inspiring me. ☯️

  5. Congratulations The website is beautiful!

    • Thank you Bree, and thank you for being part of my Chi Tribe village. ❤️


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