2019 Year of the Yin Earth Pig

Feb 2, 2019

The 2019 Chinese New Year – which coincides with the February new moon – starts February 5 in Asia (February 4 in the west) and rings in the Year of the Pig.I have a dear friend Tina Falk, Professional Feng Shui Educator, Mentor, Consultant and Speaker. I attended her Chinese New Year Education Celebration a couple weeks ago, and she gave me permission to share a few things with you from her Yin Earth Pig Flying Stars Cure Kit. (sold worldwide on Etsy)

You can also learn more about 2019 with a FREE gift on Tina’s website. A 10-page booklet to assist you in discovering insights as to how 2019 the year of the Yin Earth Pig will influence your Life Path and connections with others.


Yin Earth Pig Aspects

As we move into 2019, the year of the Yin Earth Pig, we move into a phase that allows us to wrap up any unfinished business. The pig is the 12th and last animal of the Chinese zodiac wheel—indicating the end of a cycle.

What is it your life, that needs to be put to rest or be released? Perhaps bad habits, outdated beliefs, relationships that no longer serve, clutter, or unfinished projects.

The 9 Star of Expansion flies into the Northwest (Pig) sector this year, creating potential to truly elevate our relationship with Source and position us where we can be of best service. Allow this energy to bring out the best of who you are; honest, sincere, tolerant and compassionate.

For those of you whom have a Pig in your 4 Pillar Chinese astrology chart, take it easy and be cautious before going full-boar. I know it feels good to have your turn, but with your disposition to over-indulge, in no time at all you can be in over your head.

Pig reminds us to do our homework, think ahead, even prepare ourselves with pre-scripted responses to assist us with creating boundaries. Others know they can count on the Pig to lend a helping hand, but these gentle earth angels can easily be taken advantage of. Don’t be gullible! The Expansion Star is asking you to move beyond the blaming of others to be accountable for YOUR role in the co-creation of it all. Step-up. Own-up and show up … in your best light.

Again, Metal (structure, discipline and focus) is low this year and appears int eh chart of the year as little support. Water (ease of life, emotion and connection) is our Master Element but will be weakened by the high Fire percentage (which can cause burnout and anxiety). Our creative output is weak by the presence of Wood (compassion and community). Pig is a Travel Luck animal, so take advantage of traveling where you can connect with nature, trees (Wood) and Water (the Pigs natural element) to strengthen your soul and relationship to Self and others.

Snake sits in opposition of the Pig on the zodiac wheel. So, Pig has the potential to redirect and challenge the Snake’s life, believes, health or emotions—depending on which of the 4 pillars Snake is in your birth chart.

Pig is Allies with Rabbit and Sheep—the trio of Home and Family, and is Secret Friends with Tiger which can bring financial gains.

The highest calling for Pig is seeing love and goodness in others,
and being a helper of humanity.

Pig enjoys the finer things in life, after you purge what no longer serves you, splurge on something nice for yourself. You deserve it!

The Pig aspects written above will influence all of us at different levels, depending on our 4 Pillar Chinese astrology birth charts. What’s in your chart? Email Tina to find out at tina@tinafalk.com

photo: Alex Block, unsplash.com


  1. Thanks Toni! I find this very inspiring and encouraging!!

    • You are very welcome Jackie!


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