Yang Metal Rat

Feb 3, 2020

The aspects below were written and given to me with permission to share from my friend, Tina Falk, Professional Feng Shui Educator, Chinese Astrologer and Metaphysician. Keep in mind, as you read RAT aspects below they will influence all of us at different levels, depending on your 4 Pillar Chinese astrology birth charts. Curious what’s in your chart? Or what the 7 Star of Karma means?  Email Tina to find out at tina@tinafalk.com


The RAT appears on February 4, 2020 at 5:18pm

The hexagram from the I-Ching Year/Life Path Pillar is SUNG (Heaven over Water) revealing the theme of the year to be CONTENTION.

Our intended course will be challenged as philosophical differences arise. Misunderstandings within our social structure cannot be met with force. We must carefully consider and honor these differences. Avoid controversial topics, the days of shock value laden expression ARE OVER. Take careful consideration of your plans and potential challenging consequences to avoid serious conflict. Seek higher, impartial, counsel if conflict arises.

2020 invites us to connect deeper into our relations with others. SPIRITUAL MATURATION is a theme. Awareness of the Oneness will propel us there. It’s time to elevate our consciousness as a collective for the sake of humanity, rather than individually. Be cautious like the Rat. Ensure stability as you proceed, retreat when things get contentious. Listen before assuming. Pause before reacting. Love before fearing.

Rat, the first animal of the Chinese zodiac, ushers in the new beginnings, enthusiasm, complexity busy-ness, and resourcefulness. On the shadow side, Rat can be insecure, indifferent, jealous, over sexualized, secretive and careless.

Find comfort in knowing progress is happening behind the scenes with Rat’s Secret Friend, the Ox, being present in this year’s chart. Ox reminds us to go slow and steady.

Presence of the Rooster, in the year’s natal chart, may bring about insecurity within our own emotional bodies. Practice self-control, choose listening over speaking. Gather information to inform and satisfy the intellect and express your emotions through art, music, and writing.

And the 4th animal, Tiger wants you to discern… What is the quality of inspiration or discouragement you give others? Are you focusing on what is wrong or what is right? I invite you to allow things, and people, to just BE what they are—without judgment or the need to change them.

The 7 Star of Karma flies into the CENTER of our homes. Connection through mindful communication and heart-centered kinship is paramount to heal and bring about harmony in all our relations. Be sure this area is free of impeding objects that may cause injury. (ie. slippers floors and tripping hazards). Declutter and organize this space as well as your body and mind. Allow life to flow.

The Master Element of the year is Fire, but is weakened by strong Earth and Metal. This pulls our attention outward to focus on what we can offer and create when we think of the collective. Our rewards will be felt and received in ways unimaginable. It’s time for good work. Roll up your sleeves and contribute positive vibes in all your do!

The conflicting animal this year is Horse, as he sits in the opposition of the Rat on the zodiac wheel. So, Rat has potential to redirect and challenge the Horse’s life, beliefs, health, or emotions—depending on which of the 4 pillars Horse is in your birth chart. That’s okay, Horse, naturally likes change—embrace it!

The theme for the year is BE UNSTOPPABLE

Rat is ambitious and successful in his endeavors.
A strong will backed by compassion,
and a desire to feed the collective,
will serve us well.


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