Unknown Wanderer and the Sage

Jul 20, 2021

This story really resonated with me, and I wanted to share it with you. I have been practicing listening to my heart, and my mind less (pun intended—mindless :-) Which as you probably know, is a continual Tao process to pause, feel and check-in with the heart, instead of blindly following and not questioning the mind.

From my experience, the mind wants to keep us safe and content. And, when we stay in that place too long, we become stagnate, lethargic and our heart moves to the background instead of the forefront. May we all continue to look inside our hearts.


The Unknown Wanderer came upon the Sage on a hidden bridge in the forest 

He inquired: ‘How can I get the Tao and grasp it as my own ?’

The Sage replied: “Your body is not even your own.

How then can you get and grasp the Tao?”

The Unknown Wanderer replied earnestly: ‘If my body is not mine then whose is it ?’

The Sage smiled inwardly and softly whispered: “The bodies for all myriad beings arise from the mysterious Essence of Source by Heaven and Earth

It is not yours or mine to hold onto.

We are merely guests in the blended harmony of Yin and Yang in Its perfect dance of equanimity 

The Tao courses through your very Being as it does within all the ten times ten thousand myriad things 

Throughout all of Existence 

Thus one can not grasp the mysterious hidden Essence of the Nameless origin of Original Source known simply as Tao

For nothingness cannot be grasped by Nothing 

The man of Tao exists in the perfect balanced state between Yin and Yang 

In the void of Nothingness 

Which is the very pivot point within the Essence of Tao

Between words, thoughts and Silence there is a void that appears empty 

Yet in Reality, this void of ‘emptiness’ contains he potential possibilities of absolutely Everything 

Within this ‘emptiness’ of nothingness is the hidden Essence of Tao

Do not look for it, for it can’t be seen

Do not listen for it, as it can’t be heard

Do not talk of it either, as it can’t be known

Simply abide in Its Presence 

In the stillness of the Silence 

There One finds Tao

There One becomes One with the Way”

The Unknown Wanderer upon hearing these words of Wisdom from the sage of Sages, nodded in silent understanding

He now Realized the transient nature of manifestation through the balance of the Essence of the Tao

He thanked the Sage and then silently wandered off 

Now Awake and Aware flowing along with the natural Essence of Tao simply following the Way 

He remembered the Sages last words clearly:“My teachings are older than the world.

How can you grasp their meaning?

If you want to know me, look inside your Heart.”

–epc 1956–



photo: David Marcu @ unsplash.com


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