The Face of Acceptance

Apr 13, 2016

Recently in my T’ai Chi classes with Master Sifu Gardner, he has been sharing with us this concept of becoming The Face of Acceptance. How we need to be more like a polished mirror. A mirror only reflects what is presented in front of it, without judgment — the mirror only presents what is there.

Where as, we the viewer of the mirror, automatically begin to categorize what we see, like or dislike. The viewer should know that what is seen in the mirror is just an illusion. [But, we don’t — we see it as truth.] We need to realize that what we are seeing is our own conscious perception. We are not seeing what is, but rather we are seeing through the eyes of our own distorted personal filter.

Now for the BIG QUESTION: How can we be more like a polished mirror in our daily lives, seeing what is, without our own embellishments, or dualistic notions?

First, we must recognize what we are seeing is an illusion of our own thoughts. Consider this, you go to the mirror in a great mood, ready to begin your day, and you feel fantastic! Later on, after you have experienced some obstacles during the day, you again glance at the mirror, now you feel frustrated and tired. What really has changed in those few hours? The truth is … only your perception has changed. The mirror only reflects what is inside of you — what currently presents itself in that moment.

Another way to know what you are reflecting outwardly when you are not standing in front of a mirror, is observing your thoughts and conversations. Where is your energy? Are you finding yourself complaining about circumstances, other people, or complimenting others, and happy for their successes?

Here’s an experiment you can do everyday to assist you in being aware of where you are energetically: Let’s say you find yourself complaining about a co-worker and how they are just not… [fill-in-the-blank], complete your train of thought with the words … just like me.

Do this same exercise when you are complimenting a friend on their success, or notice how kind and compassionate they are, how they listen well, again add the phrase … just like me.

Notice how this changes the dynamics of what is being thought and said. Realize everyone is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. We really are one, being separate is an illusion created by our egoic minds. Rise above your thoughts and observe them from an expanded perspective — become the polished mirror.

When you find yourself complaining more than complimenting, simply notice and look inside, what is there? For another way to observe your perspective read what I wrote about Invest in Loss. I am a true believer in energy follows thought. Become an observer of your own thoughts, change your thoughts, change your life.

In other words,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” [and in the mirror :-]
~Mahatma Gandhi


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