Splitting Apart to Come Together

Mar 25, 2020

I drew a card from my TAO Oracle deck, I am sharing it with you because we are all one and in this together. The question, I had formulated in my mind before I chose a card was “What is it I need to know?”  Below is my interpretation along with some from the card itself and out of the Tao Oracle guidebook.

The #23 card, Splitting Apart emerged from the deck.

The number #23 is a 5 = 2+3 = 5

  • I found some interesting interpretations of the number five:
  • It is the number representing humans.  The number five symbolizes the four limbs and the head that controls the limbs. There are five senses: hearing, taste, smell, and touch.
  • A spiritual meaning is the number of manifestation
  • It is the number of the elements: earth, air, water, fire, ether,
  • Five is a doing number representing faith in action, having a mindful connection to the synergy of the forces of nature. [Choose faith in these uncertain times]

The number five is BALANCE. Putting our lives in balance because we may be going down the wrong path. We are constantly in motion and need to slow down. [A forced slow down because we wouldn’t do it on our own]

The adjectives for Splitting Apart are:

  • impermanence
  • collapse
  • deterioration
  • separation
  • let go
  • surrender
  • eliminate the old
  • death

The pictogram on the bottom left corner of the card is mountain over the receptive.

Dark green is the color of the mountain — reminding us to keep still [in our home environment]. The receptive color is black (supportive, intuitive) the Earth. Remaining still helps Mother Earth and all of us.

Excerpts from the guidebook:

The hexagram of Splitting Apart means that something in your life is at an end. Without endings there would be no possibility of a fresh beginning to bring new life, for everything is cyclically restored by letting go of the old. [yin-yang … a balance in us and outside of us]

Instead of seeing things that are naturally in opposition, such as light and dark, see it as simply two sides of one coin. The dualistic mind keeps us caught in a mental game of Ping-Pong, fearful and at cross-purposes with Nature, in denial of wholeness and continuity. [again … we are all connected]

Under the circumstances, the only choice is to let nature run its course. [COVID-19] Put all your energy toward facilitating the process. Whatever is being put to rest now needs to be. Although things are deteriorating, you need not collapse with them; instead, appreciate the transformative power of this time. “Let go so that you may be restored” is the dynamic of Splitting Apart.

When impermanence is accepted as an integral part of living, you are in rune with the Tao.

As we let go of resistance and expecting things to go back the way they were, we will begin again, stronger, softer and more connected within ourselves and with others.

AND, what if this would happened without today’s technology, say back in the 80’s? Now that would be isolation. We are merely physically distancing, not socially distancing. Be well chi friends and keep giving yourself those deep calming breaths.


  1. That was just what I needed. It’s nice to hear something uplifting to counteract all the fear. Thanks!

    • Thanks Pearl, yes I remind myself there is always the yin and the yang of everything. They are simply two sides of the same coin. We’re in this together!

  2. Loved this! Thank you for your wisdom and interpretations. I personally am loving the change and working from home. I do miss going to yoga class but hope to participate on line this next week. Hugs to you Toni!

    • Sandi, thanks for your kind comments, and I love to hear that you are enjoying working from home. I look forward to connecting with you virtually, sending Chi-hugs back!

  3. Soul beautiful!! I love the inspiration you share. Embrace every moment of life, it is truly a gift! Have a magical day!!

    • Thanks Tammie for connecting with me and your kind words, it’s great to know they resonate with you.


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