Open to All That is You

Sep 26, 2022

It’s autumn here in the northern hemisphere, my favorite time of year, as most of you know. Here in Utah, the leaves are beginning to radiate their range of colors. Our mountains become a visual landscape for artists and photographers alike.

Yes this time of year reminds us to release and let go like the leaves, but I would like offer another invitation on the other side of the coin. Instead of focusing on releasing, can you focus on opening?

Open to the change of seasons. Yes, fall is preceded by winter, but it’s not here yet. Let’s embrace what is now, and open to the crisp air, the cool breeze, the first night we feel like getting cozy under a blanket with our loved one, or a favorite book.

Open to your body. Honor where you are now. Beyond a doubt, it’s different than the past, and it’s beautiful in its own way. Here’s a different perspective: today is the youngest you will ever be this lifetime. Now embrace life!

Open your channels. Autumn is the transitional season from summer to winter. It is a great time to begin to slow down. Observe nature and let it guide you. We cannot create the expanded fire energy that summer offers all year long. Our bodies are not meant to do that—maybe be open to more stretching, qigong, yoga, and tai chi. Continue your movement this fall, and keep your channels of chi flowing.

Open up to something new. Every season offers different experiences. As we descend into the yin seasons, what is something you can be open too? How about enrolling in a fun class: cooking, poetry, writing, photography, the list is endless. I am seriously considering taking a belly-dancing class, to feel more of my feminine spirit.

Open your heart. This one will be very different for each one of us. Maybe ponder for a moment, what does it mean to open your heart? Is it being kind and compassionate to yourself and others? Is it opening up to a loving relationship? Is it realizing, it’s time to move forward and create some changes? Is it truly listening to others and simply being present, instead of giving advice, or telling them why you disagree?

Open to the possibilities. What desires do you have? Can you share them with a trusted friend? Or do you shut them down because they are illogical? Because your dreams could never happen to you. Take a few minutes everyday and imagine the possibilities of your life, now and in the future. I believe where intention goes, energy flows… fill yourself up with all the heart-felt possibilities.

Open to self-care. Many of you have heard me repeat this many times. Self-care is selfless, not selfish. When was the last time you simply did something just for you. A luxurious hot bath, received a massage, enjoyed a walk without any technology, and simply listened to the sounds of nature. You get the idea.

Open to change. This is a challenging one for most of us, isn’t it? We like the idea of routine, knowing what’s next. But, what if we opened ourself to the Universe and trusted whatever is presented is for our highest well-being? Even if we don’t see it yet, we can feel into it now.

There is an infinite list of what you can be open to, choose one, maybe two, come up with your own, and see how it feels. Sometimes before we can release anything like the leaves on the tree, we need to be open to it. And, if we cannot let it go, may I suggest to let it be? Not everything needs to be released immediately, at times we need to naturally turn our energy away from it, giving it no more focus—letting it be.

Open to all that is you, watch how everything begins to flow, and unfold in perfect timing.


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