Let Go and Love

May 25, 2021

What would happen if we let go of:

  • judgments
  • self-critisim
  • comparing ourselves
  • expectations on ourself and others
  • feeling inferior
  • feeling superior

You’ll notice that inferior and superior are both on this list. It is because as long as we feel either way, we are held by emotional shackles—a prisoner in our own life. When we can let go and accept ourselves exactly as we are right now in the present moment, the love begins to expand within and then it expands without.

Obviously the above list could go on indefinitely—what would you add to the list? What are you holding on to that you would love to let go of? Pause for a moment, yes right now, and take a few conscious buddha belly breaths from your lower dantien. Ask yourself, “What am I holding on to that no longer serves me?” 

The phrase let go and love can also be reversed to love and let go. Another yin yang example—in order to love we need to let go and in order to let go, we must love. A simplistic way to navigate through life.

I cannot change the world [let go], instead I remind myself that if I begin to change mySelf [love] maybe that will be enough to begin to make the change. In order to move chi [our life force] we must change.

Another way to let go and love is to reside in present moment wakefulness. When we move our thoughts to the past or future we lose the meaning of the present, which is love. As you have heard me say many times, connect with your breath, it’s the simplest way to connect to the innate gift of presence.

An acroynmn I created for you…

L ight
O opens
V astness
E ternally

May your Light open to the vastness inside the body and outside to the world…eternally.


photo: taken at Red Butte Garden after class—hosta plant


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