Let Go and Let Be

Sep 26, 2020

I love this theme for autumn let go and let be, while giving gratitude, and releasing with ease and grace.I have been learning a lot of lessons lately, and continuously reminding myself—everything in my life I have created. After a few moments [okay, sometimes hours] of being frustrated with myself and/or the situation, I laugh at the absurdness of all.

Then I ponder, “Do I want to learn this lesson again?” And, the answer is an astounding NO! How do I change it? By coming back to the present moment, and realizing the action/thoughts I have now will affect my future. Which brings me back to my favorite season of autumn.

As with the trees in nature, we continuously need to let go. Why? Because we need to keep our chi flowing internally and externally. Taking time to meditate, giving ourselves some me-time [whatever that looks like for you] and physically clearing things out: junk drawers, refrigerators, garages, and unworn clothes to name a few. And, forward any useable items to someone ~ give joy ~ keep the energy flowing.

Fall is the time to practice getting out of the way and letting Spirit take charge of our lives. In other words … trust in the kind and loving Universe. Be more present period — get out of the should of’s, what if’s, could of’s and move forward into the what is. BE with what is now.

When I think of the direction of west, I can visualize beautiful sunsets, letting go of old patterns that make way for a new life. Consider the leaves that change their pattern of the color green, into a red, gold, or yellow before they let go and fall to the ground. It is in the west where we face our emotional pain, our losses and the grief we have accumulated. For it is here that we are in touch with that part of us that is dying, worn out, and no longer serving our life.

REMEMBER our hearts have a tremendous capacity to heal, if we only allow our feelings to flow uncensored with out judgment. [read that sentence again] When we are truly in the west we have compassion and/or loving kindness along with the objective understanding. All our pain needs is to be accepted, loved unconditionally and of course, understood. Allowing our chi to flow often brings a sensation of relief and movement in our Soul, which in turns frees our hearts to expand, and embrace our life in a new way.

The direction of west is also associated with dreams and visions, pay attention—what they are showing you?

Courage and Sadness
Allow yourself to weep for the things and people you have lost. Weeping is the sound of the autumn, find your courage to face what’s ahead.

It takes courage to allow yourself to BE wherever you find yourself this season [note to self, it’s okay to not be okay], do not stuff your feelings, or pretend to be in a space you are not. Be true to you, and allow yourself to feel and slow down, to breathe it all in—let go and let be with ease and grace. For it is in the feelings of sadness we find our true courage within.

Lungs and Large Intestine
The lungs are the masters of our chi [qi]. Above, they are connected to our throat; below to the orifices of the heart and the liver. It is in charge of inhalation and exhalation—the flux of coming in and going out. Ask yourself, what am I bringing into my life and what am I letting go of? Do you connect with the current flow of your life? If not, make better choices or nothing else will change.

The energy function of the large intestine is to let go of those things that no longer serve us. Physically, it lets go of waste after our upper digestive system has taken all the necessary nutrients out of the food we eat. On an emotional level — the large intestine does the exact same thing, let go thoughts/habits that no longer serve. Also, we have to be aware of what they are to begin with, here’s some questions to explore and ponder:

What is working in my life? [gratitude]
What no longer serves me? [letting go] When internally or externally letting things go, make sure you release with ease and grace.
What small steps am I taking each day moving me towards my heart’s desire? [courage and trust]

Loving Reminders of Autumn
Seek balance. As we transition from summer to autumn, it’s a time to reflect and ponder. It’s the season of harvest — give thanks to all the seeds sown from the beginning of the year. Reflect and see how far you have come this year. [yes, even during COVID-19]

Enhance your living environment by bringing more life indoors. Organize a drawer/closet; move your furniture around, buy a new book, donate old clothes, delete old emails. Anything that calls you to make your home [and work space] more inviting as we begin spending more time indoors.

Let go and let be, with ease and grace surrounded with gratitude.


  1. Those are lovely words Toni and they ring so true. Thank you. Peace

    • Thank you Rebecca, may we all find peace this autumn season. XO


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