Gratitude Changes Everything

Jul 30, 2015

These past few weeks, I have been enjoying the 21-day online meditation experience with Deepak & Oprah, “Manifesting Grace through Gratitude.

I wanted to share with you some insights I gathered. If something you read below resonates with you—keep it, allow it to become a part of your BEing if not, simply let it go.

I have experienced the grace of gratitude these past couple years, as I sit down on my cushion every day and write in my gratitude journal. It is amazing to me, how it opens up my heart to how blessed I really am. It allows me to see gratitude in every experience I have. [Yes, you read that correctly, EVERY experience I have.]

Which includes the one I am experiencing now, more free-time in my life, due to not having a lot design work. [FYI, I have had my own design business, for the past 19 years, and that is how I have made my living.] Instead of staying in the “panic mode” [I say stay, because I have visited that dark, panic place], I choose to give gratitude for having more time to spend with my daughter this summer while she is out of school. More time, to just BE, and go with the flow.

I am laughing at myself right now because this is what I teach, “go with the flow.” T’ai Chi is about staying on the path of least resistance. A good friend of mine, reminded me how this is my time to be able to really live and feel what I am teaching others. Thank you Lacey.

Participating in this online course about grace and gratitude has opened up many pathways in my heart. One of the things, that really resonates with me is, “Through gratitude we become grace personified.” [Grace personified, how does it get any better than that?]

When we offer gratitude, for nonmaterial things in our life. [Which let’s be honest here with ourselves, how many times a day can you say you do that?] Examples: our health, a place we call home, nutritious food for our bodies, laughter, a sunrise, hiking in nature, the list can go on and on. Ponder for a moment what you are thankful for—what would be on your list? [or even better share a comment below]

This offering of gratitude starts an inner conversation—gratitude is one side and living in grace is the reply. [How amazing is that?] This flow of grace always begins with thankfulness.

I have also realized that grace and gratitude are very T’ai Chi, when we offer the world our gratitude, grace responds and completes the circle. Gratitude is the catalyst and grace is the reply. [yin-yang]

Being present, is something I choose to BE in my daily life, and what I share with others when I am teaching. Practicing gratitude makes the present moment fully alive, awake and enriched. In reality, the present is all we will every know. Remember to say, “thank you” to the present moments of your life, for completeness can only be found in the present moment, and being grounded in each present moment enhances gratitude and grace.

Another similar aspect to T’ai Chi, is grace dissolves the resistance and obstacles we find in our life. As I mentioned earlier, “live in the path of least resistance.” [wu-wei way] When we find outer resistance in our life, it is a sign from our true self that inner resistance resides, which comes from the limited belief that we are a separate self. When we feel struggle—pause and breathe—for it is a whisper for us to begin again in our awareness of gratitude.

Grace is the door to infinite awareness.

Be grateful here and now.


  1. Thank you Toni. Beautiful words. Living with grace begins with gratitude. I’m a believer

    • Let us all be believers! Thanks for your comment RM, xo

  2. GRACE IT IS. Love you

    • Grace brings us back to who we truly are… Love ya, Soul-Sister

  3. Great reminder on including non-tangible things in our gratitude lists like experiences and sunrises. Thanks!

    • As we both know Pearl, it is the non-tangible things that truly create our lives…. thanks for your comment my dear friend.


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