A Special Group of Women

Aug 27, 2019

This past Sunday, instead of teaching my weekly Qigong class, I had the opportunity to volunteer my time sharing Qigong with eight wonderful ladies. They were attending a retreat in Park City, Utah with the Image Reborn Foundation. The Foundation provides no-cost healing retreats to any woman who has ever been diagnosed with breast cancer.

When I heard about this wonderful non-profit and what they were doing for breast cancer patients, I knew I had to be a part of it. I know for me, Qigong/T’ai Chi were and still are very instrumental in the recovery process of my own C-Adventure.

The women I taught had flown into Utah from different states to attend this retreat. Seven of the women were seeing Utah for the first time. They had beginner’s mind with Utah, which I loved. They were in awe of our mountains, the fresh air of Park City and our gorgeous day outside as we practiced under a tree. It was a BeaUTAHful day.

I found each one of these women to be courageous in her own way. Doing their best to navigate their C-Adventure with as much grace and connected-kindness which they had created during this retreat. You see, they had been together since Friday and I could tell they had deeply connected.

It was an honor to share Qigong with these women.

I remind students when they have practiced with me for some time to keep that beginner’s mind, when doing a movement like cloud hands or gather and store for the 1,000th time.

I approach my personal practice the same way, with beginner’s mind. Every time I begin the form it is not the same as it was last time. There is no comparison, there just is … now if I could only do that in every area of my life.

I was sharing with my daughter this evening, how I feel my life is this ocean. Some days it’s crystal clear with blue skies and it’s smooth sailing on the water. Other days, the waves begin moving up and down and then there are days where I feel like I am in the swell, seeing the 15-foot wave ready to crash on top of me. But, you know what? It changes. Nothing is permanent, the only constant in life is change.

Continue to connect with yourself by taking some deep conscious breaths knowing whatever is happening at the moment is not permanent. And, that means when things are good too, it’s not permanent. Remember to give thanks when life is smooth, knowing it will change. And, when that 15-foot wave is above you, give thanks because it will change.  Life is T’ai Chi.

May we all approach the aspects of our lives with beginner’s mind. Also just as important, is to laugh at the absurdities of our lives, as my Sifu reminds me.

Learn more about the Image Reborn Foundation retreats for yourself or for someone you know and love.


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