Relating to Life

Mar 19, 2015

As I prepare for The Desire Map Workshop coming up in April, I keep asking myself this question, over and over again, “What is my relationship to life?”

I do my best to be connected, authentic and R.E.A.L. (Realizing Everything is Always Love) Which btw, is what my tattoo above my wrist represents—just in case you have ever wondered. It is also the sigil you see below, beside my signature.

Danielle LaPorte, reminds us in her book, The Desire Map, “How we relate to people is how we relate to life.” Read that sentence again. [breathe it in deeply to your core] Now take a moment and ask yourself, “How am I relating to others on a day-to-day basis? How am I relating to myself?”

I know for me, some days it starts out great, sitting on my cushion, writing in my gratitude journal, practicing some mindful movement, and eating some nutritious food for my mind and body. Other days, I get up late, touch my cushion, quick jot in the gratitude journal, and eat whatever I can find. [could even be left-over pizza]

When I relate to others it also starts out great, sending smiles and hellos to those I encounter, maybe extending a simple complement to a stranger. And then, I get a text or a phone call about something urgent that needs to be taken care of right now. Next thing you know, I become impatient, wanting to “fix” it. [whatever “it” is] Does this happen to you? How do you come back to your center?

I know for me, with one of my core desired feelings being connection, I stop whatever I am doing and begin to breathe slowly and fully into my lower tan tien (buddha-belly breath). This allows me to become present and connect with myself—giving me some calmness and some clarity. Do I do this perfect everytime? Hell, no. I am a work in progress, but I do know that I am getting better each time the opportunity arises.

I do believe with all my heart, knowing how you want to feel and relate in life is KEY to living a life full of love, compassion and success [however that looks to you]. Which is why I am beyond thrilled to facilitate Defining Your Chi—The Desire Map Workshop, Level I.

Now you may be thinking? Can’t I just buy the book and figure it out by myself? Of course you can, you can even purchase it here. But, also know, when you gather with other like-minded people, sharing the same purpose (discovering their own core desired feelings) something magical happens! As the biblical saying reads, “Where two or more are gathered…”

If you heart is asking you, “How do I relate with others and myself?” Please consider joining us next month… [only 7 spots left].



p.s. Remember we all need some time and space in our lives, to slow down—to decide how we truly want to feel in every area of our life. [hence, the workshop] 


  1. What a great question to frame my perspective on life!

    • Hi Pearl,
      Yes, I believe it’s one of the questions we continue to ask our ourselves for the rest of our lives… and notice, in the beauty of how it changes.


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