Dec 17, 2014

A saying that comes to mind, when I contemplate about life, (especially this time of year) is one I learned from my teacher, Sifu Gardner, many years ago. One he has said many times, in many different ways…

“Flexibility is the key to vitality in life.” -Master Sifu Gardner

This short statement has so many meanings. It can be taken literally: if we do not keep our physical body flexible and healthy, we will not live long. Take nature for example, the trees, the ones that are soft and flexible are the ones that weather the storm. The brittle ones usually break and die.

Mentally— coming from our mind, we must remain flexible in our thoughts, willing to change, willing to learn and continue to grow. It reminds me of my grandparents, as they got older (in their late 70’s), they were both so stubborn, unwilling to bend or flex in their relationship together, that they lived as roommates their last years together. And, roommates who didn’t like each other very well.

Being flexible in mind also reminds me to truly listen and empathize with another without judgement. And, when doing that, I learn from that other soul, for no one comes into our lives (no matter how briefly) that doesn’t teach us something.

During the holidays, may this statement resonate with you, may you choose to be flexible in your body, flexible in your mind, and yes, even in your plans, be flexible for whatever arises. 

Flexibility in life is also a reminder to not be attached to any outcome. How easy is that? Honestly? It’s not, but with practice, I promise it becomes easier.

I choose to flow with life instead of go against it.


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