Asking for H.E.L.P.

Nov 10, 2016

I realized Wednesday after my morning ritual that I was probably one of the few people in the world, who did not know who was elected President of the United States. I had made it a point on election day, to stay away from the media, [of course, I voted early] instead I chose to hangout with my family and not be “sucked” into the media drama.

You can imagine my surprise when I googled it the morning and read it was Donald Trump. First it was lack of belief, no this is a joke I said to myself. I truly believed there was no way he would win. But he did and he is now officially going to be our President.

Sifu Gardner reminded us this week, not wallow in what has occurred — instead ask yourself what are the possibilities?”

So where do we go from here? First of all, I would invite you to not engage in negativity or idle gossip. You probably did enough of that the day after the election, whether he was your candidate or not, we are still citizens of the United States of America. We must choose to continue to bring peace, to ourselves, our family, our communities, and extending out the reach as far as we can. As Sifu Gardner would say, “Be an Agent of Change.”

How do we do that? Well, again from Sifu’s insights: begin to think of this win as an impossibility becoming possible. Let’s look at the facts — Mr. Trump decided two years ago that he was going to run for President, and more than that, he truly believed he was going to win. Here was a political outsider, knowing he would win. He had been a business man, an actor, a celebrity, but he was a true outsider in the political arena.

And, as you know HE WON! He literally proved the impossible to be possible. Sifu reminded us to look at in this way, if he can do that, what can I do in my own life that I feel is impossible? Because truly it is not, for he has proven that to be a fact, desires and dreams ARE possible.

So, instead of lowering your vibration to victim consciousness rise above it. Ask yourself, “What are the possibilities in my life that I desire to become real?” What is important to me?

This past week, I watched a Super Soul Sunday episode with Michael Bernard Beckwith. Oprah was speaking with him about his new book LifeVisioning: A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential.

I was planning on giving you the link here with the full episode, but couldn’t find it. If you have Xfinity OnDemand look it up and watch it [under Season 7]. For those who would like to see some snipits of the conversation they can be found on

No matter how challenging things get Dr. Beckwith says, it’s important to talk about the possibilities and not your problems. “I tell people you have to talk about [the kind of life you want to live] more than you talk about your problems,” he says. “Because at the end of the day, if you’re complaining more than you’re talking about your vision, then you’re in inertia. So, there’s a shift that takes place where you’re actually talking about the possibilities more than you’re talking about your issues.

“When circumstances and situations are pressing in upon us, the only way we can overcome them is to go within, to actually begin to ask very empowering questions, with the awareness that this universal presence and its law will answer any questions that you ask,” Dr. Beckwith says.

The key, he continues, is to ask empowering questions. “You ask, ‘What’s trying to emerge in my life? What is my gift to share? ’” The traps to avoid, are disempowering questions (Why me? Who is to blame?) and questions that focus too narrowly on what specifically to do (How do I pay the rent? How can I stop the pain?.

Which brings me to my new favorite acronym from by Dr. Beckwith:
Hello   Eternal   Loving  Presence

I invite you to join me … when asking yourself empowering questions — first ask for H.E.L.P. — then listen with an open heart.

May you continue to flow with each present moment … speak about possibilities … and BE peace.

May the long time sun shine upon you,
May all love surround you,
And, may the pure light within you,
Guide you on your way.



    • Thank you Marilyn … for reading and commenting

  1. This message is helpful. Thank you, Toni!

    • You are very welcome D’Arcy. Thanks for letting me know it was helpful to you.


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